We help leaders of industrial companies develop their business and improve performance

Our management consultants blend decades of industry knowledge with advanced analytics and world-class economic expertise to help companies anticipate trends, focus on the highest value-at-stake issues and opportunities, and deliver sustainable, forward-looking strategies that set them apart from their peers.

Our Keys to Success

A group of professionals with a broad range of specialty areas that complement each other.
A high level of experience in these specialty areas.
A team approach on most consulting projects.
Many business contacts among the consultant group.
  • John Hoffman
    "Tasos is a unique talent. He understands the technical side, is a great people person, very intelligent and a hard worker. I strongly recommend him."
    John Hoffman
    NWP Services Company
  • "Anastasios (Tasos) and I worked together in a consulting capacity for one of the Middle East’s leading telecoms companies. During our association, Tasos managed to keep a high degree of composure and indeed demonstrated a distinct sense of humour in often difficult negotiations. I have found him to be highly driven, competent and a natural leader- as such I would recommend him highly to any potential employer or partner where his business focus and natural charisma can be fully utilized"
    Findlay Donnan
    Managing Partner TRANSEARCH Middle East